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 PLAY ANY MLB TEAMS 1901 to 2013

Graphical Baseball Board Game Design 

It’s not one of those old looking text-based play baseball games

We have invested decades in Baseball Classics Baseball Game play and design to ensure you have the best possible experience on the market with your favorite MLB teams and players forever with our fast, easy, accurate, and realistic baseball game.

Baseball Classics Baseball Game is a next generation, full-color board game, with stunning visual player ratings to enhance your baseball game play.

“One look at Baseball Classics Baseball Game and in 5 seconds you already know how to play.”  — Rick Zak

Each MLB player result is based on dozens of time-tested algorithms to ensure incredibly high accuracy and simply displayed featuring colorful “traffic highlighting”.  With one glance you can tell a player’s strengths and weaknesses at the plate, on the mound, in the field, or on the bases.

Plus we feature more MLB stats than any other tabletop baseball board game on the market!  Baseball Classics was designed from the ground up to look great, play great, and have great accurate results based on actual player MLB season outcomes.

We are the ONLY baseball board game to offer your choice of full-color MLB Player Cards or streamlined, single-page MLB Team Sheets!  Order the next generation design format that best suits your play style using the same, great play Baseball Classics Baseball Board Game.


Baseball Classics 2013 Boston Red Sox Team Sheet

Baseball Classics Team Sheets

Plays Fast

Bird’s eye view neatly organized revealing the entire MLB team player results and stats to keep your game play moving.

Stunning Color Print 

Team Sheets are printed on high gloss, high quality stock for a smooth, protected look and feel.

Play Anywhere, Anytime

8 1/2″ X 11″ Team Sheets are conveniently sized, thin, and light weight to take on the go!

Never Worry About Losing Your Game

Should you ever misplace, lose, or for any reason Team Sheets are damaged we will replace them at no cost via a PDF download.

Baseball Classics Baseball Board Game Play FormatsBaseball Classics Player Cards and Team Sheets have identical game play results and stats.  This way you will always be sure the same great, fast, easy, accurate, and authentic MLB game play is consistent no matter which style you like.  Choose the format that suits your baseball board game play stay best.

Both are based on 3 common household six-sided dice and 1 binary die which can easily be substituted with another six-sided die.  Our MLB player result accuracy is nearly pinpoint compared to their actual MLB season performance!

Use the same, color Baseball Classics Game Parts to play with either format.  We have you covered no matter which choice you make, your baseball game investment is protected with us.

Baseball Classics customers enjoy the maximum quality & flexibility!


Looking to play your favorite MLB teams of all-time or settle classic rivalries?  How about a full MLB season replay?  Or just can’t wait to get your hands on the most current MLB season?

Only Baseball Classics offers any Major League Baseball Teams or Seasons from 1901 to the present!

Imagine the possibilities with well over 110 Major League Baseball seasons and more than 65,000 players!  No other tabletop baseball board game offers this remarkable opportunity to choose what you want.  Each Baseball Classics MLB team contains up to 24 players (15 position players and 9 pitchers) who typically spent the most time on their roster that season.  No player cards are alike!  Our algorithms generate each player results set individually taking the guess work out of it with objective results based on their actual performance.

Baseball Classics All-Time Greats GameOrder any combination of MLB Teams and/or Seasons from 1901 to the present, Player Cards or Team Sheets.  Baseball Classics is the only baseball board game company with this offer, our competitors never have!  We built our company around flexible, accurate, fast & easy realistic game play!

We also offer Baseball Classics 20 All-Time Great Teams based on the top MLB franchises ever!  Players on some teams date back to playing time in the 1800’s through today’s superstars.

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