Real-Time Decision Manager

Order Real-Time Decision ManagerTired of Playing Solitaire?

Baseball Classics Real-Time Decision Manager manages against you taking the reins of the other team or manages both teams playing!  From the first pitch to the last out, everything is managed and decided in real-time before, during, and after every at bat.

“It made the opposition VERY REAL.” — George Whitman

Every situation is covered while at bat or the team is on the field to put the right strategies in place at the right time in real-time.

Baseball Classics Real-Time Decision ManagerThe Real-Time Decision Manager decides when to bring in what type of pinch hitter or runner, when to steal or call a pitchout, go for an extra base or hold off on a throw to keep the double play in order, change pitchers, and so much more!

Designed from the ground up by Baseball Classics, it blends seamlessly into your game play.  It’s dynamic, fast, and easy to use, yet comprehensive to make tough decisions like MLB managers do.  It fits easily in your Baseball Classics game box, comes in one package for your convenience to play and take with you.  Tired of making all the decisions?  It’s a perfect companion to add to your Baseball Classics baseball game.  Order yours right now, we’ll ship it to you FREE within the continental United States.

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