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Baseball Classics Baseball Game

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Virtually anything that can happen in a MLB Game can happen playing Baseball Classics

Baseball Classics 2012 San Francisco Giants Buster PoseyHow To Play

Every Baseball Classics MLB player comes with full color “traffic-highlighting” performance results as well as their bunting, stealing, base running, and fielding ratings.

Batter and pitcher cards have a color-coded Result column listing the possible Hits, Outs, Walks, and Strikeouts possible based on their actual MLB statistics.

In one glance, Baseball Classics graphical ratings reveal player’s strengths & weaknesses.

The outcome of the dual between a batter and pitcher is typically revealed in 1 dice roll.

Result columns are based on the roll of 3 standard six-sided dice and 1 single binary die (0,1) to determine if the outcome of the at bat is to be referenced against the batter or pitcher card.


Fast, Easy, & Accurate Results

1. Roll the dice

2. If binary die is 0, reference pitcher card, otherwise batter card

3. Add up the 3 six-sided dice and refer to that Roll in the Result column 

All Baseball Classics MLB players come loaded with statistics from their MLB season performance.  We created hundreds of algorithms to generate each batter and pitcher card Result columns.  Our formulas have been thoroughly tested over the past 10 years to ensure pinpoint MLB player result accuracy based on their actual season performance.

Over the years Baseball Classics gamers have replayed full seasons and rave about the accuracy of the players and team win/loss record compared to the actual outcome.


Step-by-Step Playing Examples

Baseball Classics has 3 playing levels for the beginner-to-novice-to-expert MLB fan: Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced.  Fans from 8 years old to over 80 years old love playing Baseball Classics!

Check out these articles for step-by-step Baseball Classics playing examples for all levels.

Baseball Classics Scorefield Game Board

Baseball Classics Scorefield Game Board

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Baseball Classics Next Generation Game Play

Baseball Classics is the only tabletop baseball board game to offer next generation game play and the ability to order any MLB teams or full seasons from 1901 to present!  Next generation game play is all about giving baseball fans of all ages 8 to over 80 the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate game play flexibility enhanced by today’s modern technology for fast, easy, and accurate game play any where, any time!

3 – Play using any three convenient Board Game Play Sets

2 – Play with Player Cards or Team Sheets

1 – Play using one common set of rules and charts