Game Resources

Every resource for your game play or that we have ever used to create Baseball Classics is here for your convenience to leverage.  The first category is all about your game play with instant access to all game parts for instant viewing; never worry about losing your game parts, they are all here including dice through our iPad web app!  Next, is for all those avid baseball game play fans that enjoy replaying games and/or full seasons, it’s all here for you including every lineup and schedule from 1901 to present!  The third category is every vital resource we use to develop Baseball Classics, they are the reason we have been able deliver our great game to 1000’s of baseball fans worldwide for decades and know you will enjoy leveraging them too!

Baseball Classics Game Play

  • Baseball Classics Complete Set of Game Parts – Revision 9:  Everything you need to play Baseball Classics, just add standard six-sided dice!  Includes the Fielding Manager’s Rulebook (game play instructions for Baseball Classics), Game Play Chart, Scorefield Game Board, Pitcher Batter Cards, and the Fielding Grid.  Covers Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of game play.
  • Play Baseball Classics on your iPad Free:  Grab your iPad and Baseball Classics player cards for hours of even faster game play; has everything you need to play, it’s Free, it’s automated, no downloads necessary, the Scorefield is brilliantly displayed with touch screen play and access to all game play and parts with a fingertip
  • Scoresheets:  Designed for your Baseball Classics game play

Replay MLB Games and/or Seasons

  • Year-by-Year Baseball History:  Brought to you by our partner Baseball Almanac, here’s every season played since 1901, perfect for anyone wanting to see what happened that Major League Baseball season with team-by-team rosters, schedules, and stats.
  • Box Scores:  Every Major League Baseball box score since 1916 are posted for your convenience by Baseball Reference.

Our Resources for Baseball Classics

  • Baseball Almanac Statmaster:  THE authority source we use to generate all our Baseball Classics player cards using their statistics.  We have created over 40,000 MLB player cards and counting…
  • Baseball Reference:  Phenomenal Major League Baseball reference we have relied on for years in the development of our game
  • Rob Neyer:  We have been inspired by Rob Neyer for decades, his dedication and great passion for Major League Baseball has lifted Baseball Classics to new heights since our inception;  in our early days in the mid-80’s we used the Neft and Cohen Baseball Encyclopedia for our statistics
  • Major League Baseball:  Logged plenty of hours utilizing the authority source for our national past time to research for Baseball Classics
  • Baseball Odds of Scoring:  Infographic with graphical data points on the odds of scoring a run from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base.