Boxed Play Game Set

Boxed Play Game Set

Baseball Classics Boxed Game Play Set

“Baseball Classics is so well-produced, and its product line of current and historical teams and players so complete, that they’ve turned back the clock to a time when baseball simulations began and ended with addictive and gorgeously made board games. I hope you’ll continue with this high level of imagination and dedication for years to come.”

– Robert L., Washington, DC

The official Baseball Classics high gloss game box comes complete with our full set of game parts.  Shipping is Free anywhere in the continental United States.

Baseball Classics Scorefield Game BoardBaseball Classics Scorefield Game Board & Dice

Keep track of the score, innings, outs, and base runners using our transparent chip markers on the high gloss Scorefield game board.  Baseball Classics game dice includes 1 white binary die and 3 colored six-sided dice.


Baseball Classics Field Manager’s Rulebook

Description of all game parts and playing instructions for all 3 levels of play: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.  Basic play level is for beginner baseball fans covering all routine elements in a Baseball game including double plays, triple plays, and sacrifice flyouts.  Intermediate adds fundamental instructions for bunting, base stealing, and base running.  Advanced play level incorporates virtually anything that can happen in a Major League Baseball game.  Baseball Classics fans ages 8 to over 80 enjoy the play level that suits them best.


Baseball Classics Game Play Chart

Full color design with simple cross-reference of the dice roll with the player Bunt, Steal, base Run and team Fielding ratings in an easy to read checkerboard type style.  You won’t be going to the Chart countless times, like other baseball board games, instead we keep it to a minimum.  One of the most popular ways to play Baseball Classics is using our cool Play Action Simulator where virtually anything that can happen in a Major League Baseball game are here including threatening weather, player injuries, getting tossed out after arguing with an umpire, and the usual business such as pick off attempts, pitchouts, and more all in full color!


Baseball Classics Fielding Grid

Baseball Classics Fielding GridWhen you want to see where the ball was hit and use individual player fielding, look no further than the full color Fielding Grid designed by Baseball Classics to embrace the same seamless play.  It will make you think twice about putting a weak fielder who can hit instead of a weak hitter who is outstanding in the field.  Just like a Major League Baseball game, every player is held accountable when the ball is hit in their direction.  One bobble could cost your team the game…


Pitcher Batting Cards

When you’re not playing with the Designated Hitter, use one of 3 different Pitcher batters that come with Baseball Classics Boxed Play Game Set.  From a very weak hitting pitcher, to an average hitting pitcher, to a decent hitting pitcher are included.  There are 2 sets to cover both of your MLB teams playing.


Baseball Classics Baseball Game Editions with Boxed Game Play Set

Baseball Classics Boxed Game Play Set BottomPut together the game you want by adding any MLB teams and/or full seasons from 1901 to present with your Boxed Play Game  Set order.  A perfect way to get exactly what you want, we are happy to accommodate your needs.

For those that want a pre-packaged complete Baseball Classics Baseball Game with teams and the Boxed Game Set we have you covered too.

Choose from our specially packaged classic game editions such at the All-Time Greats, 20th Century, and others, they include the Baseball Classics Boxed Game Set.  Like playing Baseball Classics, it’s fast and easy to order our most popular offerings.

Baseball Classics Premium Design

Our stunning premium player card design are two-sided full color, with rounded corners, and featuring our handsome “playing card” logo design on the back of every card.  They elevate your entire baseball board game play experience.  Baseball Classics is proud to provide you with the highest quality in baseball board games, our beautiful, graphical ratings from top to bottom of every card jam packed with enough stats to help you make key decisions are the perfect way to play and enjoy playing for years to come.  Our smooth curved corners make is easier for game playing handling and storing your cards.

Once you get our premium design MLB players cards you will see why it’s in high demand by Baseball Classics customers as the most popular way to get their MLB teams and seasons this way.  Visit our Baseball Classics Store Front to see the latest offerings and specially packaged game editions.