Baseball Classics

Baseball Classics offers the highest quality Baseball Board Game on the market. Since 1986, we have delivered the powerful combination of player accuracy, true baseball realism, and easy game play. We offer any Major League Baseball teams or complete seasons from 1901 to present. Our customers have benefited from flexible ordering and great pricing, all complemented with superior service. Our 20+ years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as one of the best tabletop baseball board simulation games ever produced.

“Baseball Classics is so well-produced, and its product line of current and historical teams and players so complete, that they’ve turned back the clock to a time when baseball simulations began and ended with addictive and gorgeously made board games. How sad my expensive pile of video games seems now that I’ve found something that’s simply more fun to play. I hope you’ll continue with this high level of imagination and dedication for years to come.”

— Robert L., Washington, DC

Statistically Accurate
All Major League players in Baseball Classics Baseball Game perform just as they did that actual season. Our player rating formulas thoroughly account for each vital statistic necessary to do so—hitting, pitching, base running, base stealing, bunting, and fielding. We measure each player’s ability based on their statistics and generate each individual rating. Player ratings are measured typically within 1% of their actual performance which is why those playing Baseball Classics find the play outcome so accurate.

True Baseball Realism
We put you at the top step of the dugout. With 3 playing levels you determine if you want to play with just the fundamentals such as double plays, add more events such as bunting, base stealing, hit & run, or if you want to play our Advanced level where virtually anything can happen in a Major League Baseball Game. Just like a big league manager, you’ll encounter challenging game situations where crucial decisions have to be made. What will you do with your team down 1-0 in the top of the 5th inning with 2 outs, bases loaded, threatening conditions, and the pitcher coming to bat?

Fast, Easy Baseball Game Play
Baseball Classics was designed from the beginning to incorporate fast, easy baseball game play with statistical accuracy and true baseball realism. Unlike other baseball board games with confusing player cards and charts, when you look at Baseball Classics player cards, you intuitively understand how to play. Each player card clearly lists the results of the play outcome without having to use charts to determine what eventually happens. We’ve taken it a step further by using “traffic highlighting” on every player card, thus providing a color-coded visual representation. This makes for easier and faster play; just by looking at any player card their strengths and weaknesses are visually revealed. Player cards also have their key playing statistics so you can see how they performed that season. Games play in 10-15 minutes, ages 8 to adult.

Play Any Major League Baseball Team from 1901 to Present Time
Baseball Classics is the only baseball game that makes any team or season since 1901 available. Order any favorite teams and/or season(s) you desire. That’s over 100 Major League Seasons and more than 2000 teams to choose from!  Settle debates on which team is the greatest of all-time, relive old rivalries, trade players to a team where you always wondered what might have been, replay seasons from the past, or enjoy endless hours of fun playing your favorite teams.  Be on the top step of the dugout managing your favorite MLB teams and players. Play solitaire or against an opponent. For ages 9 to adult, from beginner to advanced play where virtually anything can happen in a major league game.

Put Together the Game You Want
By offering any MLB season and team since 1901 to the present, our Baseball Classics customers have maximum flexibility to get exactly what they want. Ultimately to manage your favorite MLB players and teams!  We offer complete seasons, packaged Classic Sets featuring our most popular teams ordered, or choose any MLB teams you want! Game Parts are sold separately, shipping is FREE and sent to you via USPS Priority Mail promptly.

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